i had it stuck in my head in a dream

Danielle said that we should feel free to share the link to the Engagement Photos.

While I do condone the sharing of them, I for one feel that there is only one photograph necessary that captures the very essence of ChadandDanielle.

I believe that this picture communicates the affection, the understanding, the loyalty, and the sense of belonging that is shared by them now, and will continue to be shared for the rest of their lives.

Looking on this picture, you yourself may begin to understand how they have come to be ChadandDanielle.

It conveys the passion of their love.

It holds within it the trust they have built their relationship on.

Indeed it even demonstrates how they both affect each other, not only emotionally, but stylistically as well.

So while you may feel that sharing the official Engagement Photos is sufficient to truly understand ChadandDanielle as a soon to be married couple, you should not put out of your mind this single, heartfelt picture that has captured all of this and more.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I now offer you the chance to glimpse this perfect moment in time that serves as evidence to us all why these two belong together forever:

On another note, today was productive in some oddly satisfying reasons. While it was not as productive as I’d hoped it would be in terms of data collection, I was granted full access to a major hospital and nursing school outside of Dhaka with the offer of full cooperation and support from the administration. This puts the total of immediately available hospitals to four, which isn’t all that bad considering how hard it is to get people here to communicate with you.

Today also proved fruitful in the style department. I was able to find nice gifts for some family members, as well as procure a belt that will go nicely with suits. That being said, in a not quite so snap decision, I accompanied Dan and Hans down to Gulshan with Saj to yet another tailor where there was a dark chocolate coloured English wool that begged to be pulled from the shelf and made into a single breasted, four button, European cut… note the inclusion of the fourth button. This idea came, of course, from the Barnicle. I also managed to get another lungi.

Productive, yes. In the ways that I had initially thought about? Nay.

Oh, and FYI, due to circumstances surrounding the availability of access to hospitals, I’ve had to cancel my plans to travel to Kolkata. However, I intend to make up for this with a trip to Khatmandu in August.

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