i will know what you were for

the circus is in town, fairgrounds for escaping something you’ve never been able to see for your entire life. can you deafen your senses with the sound of one creaking, wooden ferris wheel and the smiles of children floating through the air. something in this solace that you can’t quite feel, that you can’t quite read into, leaving you unsure whether to sit or smile.
the circus is in town, lifted in on a field of balloons. the red ones always dance the most, they always have. somehow weary and somehow willing to move on to move over to move away from this scene that seems so out of place yet only makes sense in some strange way.
the circus is in town, dark rooms and dancing bodies where the only thing flying through the air is the haze of smoke from dimly glowing embers. strange how comforting it seems when you return home late at night and smell the smoke still wafting from your clothes.
the circus is in town, never sure which is the real one, never sure which one will take you the furthest away from where you want to be.

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