but Ving Rhames didn’t have a WWF background

i promise i will have more pictures up soon. i have about three days worth i need to go through and pick which ones will suffer through the long and drawn out flickr uploading process here.
weekend summary: gettting up at 530am to go play soccer. go shopping all over the city. have lunch at the Westin and marvel at the fact that there’s quote unquote real food to be had though not very cheaply, sit in a variety of pod chairs, find new music store selling more instruments, not buying any, going to pick maggie up at the airport after waiting outside for like 2 hours and finally get to bed after 22 hours, wake up, go to school to do class slash project work, home, lunch, haircut, home, hook up dvd player, watch new Indiana Jones.

im still not sure what I think of the new IJ flick. i was really hoping it wasn’t aliens. although i did get a good laugh at the start when they open the doors to the warehouse and then when the truck smashes the box open that has the Ark in it. also, I only paid $1 to buy it. how much did you pay to see it in a theater? i bet more than a dollar.

there was this intense storm tonight. not intense as in super crazy, but intense as in the way it looked and how it moved. i’ve found that im a big fan of standing on rooftops watching monsoons bear down on us and then stand in the rain getting drenched watching the lightning. i have some pretty rad shots of the clouds coming in that i’ll put up later.

also, the haircut. not the best ive ever had, certainly the cheapest. 80 cents. and they dont use clippers here. they use a straight razor.


also, since it’s still sunday at home, dont forget to say happy birthday to Jen because you should and that’s the right thing to do. or make an offering of nachos and guacamole. that’s also the right thing to do.

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