some measure of the same

i saw this commercial today and it pretty much sums up last night perfectly. danielle has more pictures up on her flickr.

thanks to all the people who made it out, and thanks to the people who just randomly happened to also be there and walk by our table and join in, it made the air guitaring and singing all the better. id also like to thank Raul especially, since he had had a previous engagement that he left early apparently to make it over for a bit. everything is better with more bloggers. this has been proven time and time again.

the caption for the first picture of chad cheering is I POOPED!!! it should be I FARTED !!! cause seriously, i dont know what the fuck he ate yesterday, but for gods sake, it’s like he gave his ass free reign to torture everyone.

i had about three hours of actual sleep, and then three more of half sleep all of which were filled with one very long and drawn out dream involving people form last night and seth rogen who had fenced off a patch of dirt downtown and was digging for diamonds in it or something, i dunno.

im just about finished packing.

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