little bule papers


“what am I driving?”
“Take the van.”

I take the van, I look longingly at the truck.

skip forward from 11:30 to 5pm, during which time I park in a safeway parking lot, got half lost trying to find the clinical sciences building, talked to walter, had sushi with iris, watched Eagle vs. Shark.


Return to van. snatch parking ticket off windshield. drive home.


pull the van up to the sidewalk, notice the truck is gone, figure dad was at safeway or something. walk inside, go downstairs, there’s dad sitting on the couch watching tv.

“hi…where’s the truck?”

today’s lesson is…

a $35 parking ticket for parking too long in a safeway parking lot that you’ve parked in for years and years when going to see peoples on whyte ave or going shopping or BP’s and never ever getting a ticket there before…

…is way better than blowing the transmission in your truck, sending it to the mechanic to fix it and get it back $2600 later.

guess I won’t be driving it this week.

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