A Playoffs Message Of Hope

Friends, what is being asked of you by way of showing support for a team from Calgary would put a black mark on your soul. Only the most EEEVIL of temptations would ask that you risk you ever living mind and body to THROW UP your arms and cheer for the flames of evil ITSELF! Only the most WICKED of masters would have you cast your eyes from TRUE GLORY and live forever in the shadows of the blasphemous HELLLLLLLFIRE that adorns the jerseys of this enemy of mortal souls. Only the most TERRIBLE of TEAMS would ask that you worship them in SEA of RED! And not only this my friends, but have you worship them in a sea of red in a dark church that takes it very SHAPE from a giant maxi pad! Ooooohhhhh Lord, Hallelujah! HALLELUJAH Brothers and Sisters! The forces of EVIL have tempted you you, yes, but the path to TRUE HAPPINESS to TRUE GLORY, to ANOTHER CUP is far brighter! For, Brothers and Sisters, I have seen the Path, I have seen the colours of the ANGELS that will DELIVER UNTO US another Cup. Praise the Lord, they are not the colours of fire and brimstone! Praise the LORD they are NOT sewn with the fires of HELL! AMEN AND HALLELUJAH! Patience is a Virtue, friends. Patience will deliver us to the land where truly great skaters will hoist our Holy Grail and trod on the land where FAR BELOW the legions of Hellions, the masses of Evil, the Supporters of Flames will forever be trapped in their own darkness! For it is true, that our Saviour will come, our SAVIOUR wll deliver us from Evil and temptation and Seas of Red! He has doe it before! Oooooooh he has done it before! When our Saviour delivered us the Great One, He was there with us. When our Saviour laid his hands on the poor, the meek, the Leafs fans, he CURED them of their disease! And He will DO IT AGAIN!
AMEN AND HALLELUJAH! PRAISE the COPPER AND BLUE friends! Praise the HABS! True Glory and Unity will FOLLOW you INTO the NIGHT if you SHOUT your FAITH towards West and East! Towards Edmonton and Montreal! And Cast OUT the demons and devils from a city bathed in COWBOYS!
Can I get an AMEN!

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