cleaning out the folds

this has got to be the greatest infomercial in the world. actually, anything RonCo is the greatest infomercial in the world. for some reason, if i’m channel surfing and i run across a ronco infomercial, i have to stop and watch.
i have one and a half final papers left to go after spending 8 hours at school yesterday working through tax reformation. i was about ready to drop and just sleep in the lab but instead headed over to the cambie to watch the oilers beat the flamers with the human gas bomb and ryan and steve. i actually felt better after that. it was probably a good thing that i had a chance to chill out and have some laughs with people who arent in the same class as me every day.

im not working on anything today. i will print things out, but i will not work on anything. this week is going to be a paper blitz anyway.

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