i got what was

stayed home today. this is why email is a student’s best friend. emailing in papers is possibly the greatest thing you can do when you’re popping gravols, wearing two sweaters and drinking large bottles of water.
that was last night. now im only wearing one sweater, and no gravol yet. water yes. im also making lunch. and finishing up my econometrics paper. slowly, bit by bit, one more page and then the table of contents and that should about do it. then one more econ assignment and one final paper and i are done.
last night while i was sweatered up and gravol’d up, i was craving swiss chalet. most satisfying chicken ever. i also felt compelled to watch Beauty and the Geek. you can tell im not feeling well when I actually sit down and watch shit like that and laugh at it.
i think this may be turning into a pretty annoying head cold, but tomorrow i think i’ll be ok to go to class.

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