it’s just a box of rain

we had the second of our overnight essay assignments of the semester today. initially I was annoyed because there were chips and cookies and food and stuff at the Mob House. however, being the speedy writer that I can be and having blitzed the necessary readings last night I finished the bastard in about four hours.

plenty of time to make it to the most hilarious nhl game of the season.

seriously, you guys want to get into the playoffs this way? hahahah nice try.

also, i influenced a new blog. teh rulz iz dat yr sposed to bein speekin liek teh lolkittehs on teh new blog. liek, im on yr internets, scopin yr blog.

ive seriously become addicted to the lolcats application on facebook.

pure. genius.

surprisingly, we have no new assignments due for any class for the next week. i’m not sure if i should take that as a good sign or not. either way, it frees up some time to actually have a bit of a life.

i want to play laser tag. who’s down?

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