burn your wicked garden down

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i decided not to go downtown to work at school today. which is ok because i’m just about done inputting all my data into Excel for the paper due monday, then alls i gots left to do is do some descriptive stats, correlation coefficients and write the first part of it out. no biggie.

im also waiting for the laundry room to be clear because yesterday’s first round of typhoid and thursday’s polio ad hep A shots culminated in a shivering, sweat drenched night. i woke up a few times last night and it felt like someone had poured water all over my bed. crazy. im kind of hoping this will not be a reoccurring issue over the next week while i take the rest of the typhoid caps.

so laundry day it shall be.

and work day. but at a nice relaxed pace because i can pace myself today and tomorrow and finish in plenty of time.

i should probably go get groceries at some point today too…i cant remember the last time i went…

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