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so Vancouver Coastal Health fucked up my travel consultation because apparently if you schedule a consult two weeks ahead of time it means they dont actually book it for you even after you spend ten minutes on the phone with the lady at the clinic who takes down all your info and slots you in and then doesnt click a button or something so you now have no appointment and you wouldnt have even known if you hadnt phoned back to find out whether it’s just a consultation or if you get vaccinated the same day.
great fucking work there. i bet it’s real hard to sit at a fucking desk and take names down and enter it into a computer and actually make sure the appointment is booked.
anyway…rebooked this time for thursday, made sure it was booked for thursday, made sure again.
i went to get that prescription filled today. they are tiiiiny pills. i ran into jayme and jill while i was walking around Pacific Center waiting for the order to be done. ended up tagging along with them for a bit.
then i played in a VAG with Shaz. and took covert ops pictures.
and now i am at home.
my neck is sore.

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