whatever, i’ll win it next year

it’s sunday and i’ve been at school for four hours now. writing about carbon taxes and making graphs and generally bitching about stupid programs that we have to use that are complete shit.
as much as i bitch about having to come in here all the time, today im actually enjoying myself. it’s low key, there’s a few other people here, and i don’t feel pressured to get things done in five minutes. given the choice today to stay at home and sleep in or come in and do some work, i’d probably still choose coming in to work.
it’s probably a strange sign that i’d choose having a secluded social life….

i have no class all week next week, so anyone who’s around and not busy and wants to do something that isn’t sitting in a lab doing research or writing essays let me know and i’ll probably run screaming out of here to do it.

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