sounds like an album title

again with the geekiest shirt you will ever see. for reals. way geekier than the Captain Picard shirt i had when i was 11.

i wore it on purpose today because Doug made us read an ontological paper on knowledge production in policy alternatives and i very much did not agree with it.

ive sequestered myself away in the back corner of the research lab so i can take another chunk out of my issues assignment. i blitzed 1000 words on it yesterday, and if i can get another 800 today then i should be good to go on it.

dont come looking for any real substantial posts or pictures or whatever in the next few days, i have way too much shit to do.

that being said, still come visit. just, you know, dont expect anything substantial. or relatively meaningful. or whatever. like elephants trying to sneak through the grass.

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