whether you are white or yellow

*in booming Evangelical type preacher voice*

reJOICE my friends, foah today NATURE has seen fit to bestoooow upon us a most benevolent SNOOOW DAY!

can i get an amen? AYYYY MEN TO THAT!

we must not question the will of the snow, NO, we must THANK THE SNOW for it has given unto us a most GLOOOORIOUS DAY! And only those who have strayed from the path of righteousness, only those who have LOST their WAY and have not SEEEEEEN the weather updates and campus CLOOOOSURES on the sfu website…

sadly for them friends, they have stumbled on the path to sleeping in. Thay have FALLEN on their backs tripping through the snow!

for them, there shall be no redemption. For THEM there shall BE no SLEEPING IN!


And now Brothers and Sisters, go, go in peace to find your beds warm, your gaming systems ready, and your duties for the day suspended!

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