four cookies and two are the same

i seriously need to find something to do here. it’s getting to the point where im starting to get antsy just sitting around. im starting to think having an essay or two to do wouldnt be such a bad thing.

tomorrow i have to go to the bank and get a student loan. or a student line of credit. whichever. something that gets me money to go to school. after that i might just drive into town somewhere and wander around. maybe take some pictures. i burned a copy of NiggyTardust that needs to see some cruising action. maybe i can wear my pants real low and turn my hat sideways too. thankfully i also burned some Lamb of God so i can get back to the whole trailer trash redneck headbanger thing after i pull my pants back up…
my little escapade into textbook destruction has become quite the popular item around here. every time someone comes over to talk to my mom shes like “SHOW THEM YOUR VIDEO!”
so we sort of have a part time pet here i guess. our next door neighbours have a chocolate lab that pretty much spends more time at our house than its own. she’s pretty much the only dog i like, not much of a dog person. k, well, not so much bigger dogs. smaller dogs i can handle. big dogs just dont make me feel all that comfortable. anyway, my sister organized a dog play day for her this weekend or something and now she has some cold or dog flu or something that makes her walk around and dry heave all day. except it’s probably the wettest sounding dry heave i’ve ever heard. you know the ones where you hear it and you’re like “fuck here it comes!” but it doesnt? yeah that kind. i think in people terms thatd be like barfing a little in your mouth and then swallowing it back down. kind of like what danielle must have done when the realization set in that she’s marrying chad forever.
maybe i’ll go see I Am Legend. i fully intend to see that and AVPR before new years.
oh we also finally got our grades back. i passed everything. two B’s and two A-. i know, who figured on more than a C in econ? i still destroyed the book. yes. i hated it that much.

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