about a million cattle on the range

so my sister emails me this thing where you can turn yourself into an elf, with the ever popular option to record a message that will also be mutated into a smoker’s lung sounding version of Alvin & the Chipmunks.

of course, my initial response was ….o…k… like it usually is when my sister points things like this out to me, and then five minutes later i can’t stop messing around with it. seriously, it’s the way it works. for pretty much everything. she points it out, i go ‘pff ok’ and ten minutes later i think it’s the greatest thing in the world.

she’s very wise that way. or sneaky. or both. like a russian. either way. she started me on my Booster Juice addiction in high school, same with Homestarrunner, the Marble Slab, and as much as i hate to admit it, watching all the harry potter movies to name a few. except the last one. which im sure i’ll end up watching at home if she has it on dvd.

of course, i reciprocate this by playing the Big Brother role when guys see her picture and go “wow that’s your sister?” and i go “yeah, stay the fuck away from her or i’ll pop you in the fucking head.” it’s true. it’s a condition. i swear. and unless you are an older brother you have no idea what it is, therefore no say in whether it’s wrong or not. every big brother knows about the Big Brother Condition. it still applies when she’s over 21 and legal all over north america. actually, pretty much forever.

but it’d be worse if i were italian, and im not, so really, i cant be that bad.

i feel kind of restless which is annoying because i really want to sleep and im not sure how it’s gonna fly if i feel more awake than sleepy.


AHAHAHAHAHA tossed elf salad?

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