is that an interest or your ideal

for some magical reason, ever since i installed Leopard on Leonard, i’ve been able to connect to the wireless network at my place. Tiger never liked to do that, so I was pretty much relying on my clunky PC for internet access. but now i have glorious maneuverability√ā¬†all over.

im back to the world of insomnia. haven’t really slept at all since saturday night. im not at the Ed Norton laying on the couch and seeing imaginary people who make soap point yet, but we’ll see how close it gets. people in the class have started to notice. i think after two years is up i’ll be the guy who couldnt sleep, got all his work done early, and scouted the other soccer teams before our games.
i have no more grandparents left now.
it’s an odd thing to think of. you know that at some point it’s going to happen, but when it finally rolls around, i dunno, there’s not much you can really say about it. other than mine is a relatively small family, and now it’s a little smaller.
i came home yesterday and tried to sleep. it was more like zoning out and dreaming with your eyes open. not quite sleep, but not quite wakefulness.
and then i wrote seven pages of nothing to do with school at all. it felt good. didnt help with the lack of sleep much.
im sitting here with a pile of articles and papers on my left that i need to put the final touches on one term paper, my guitar to the right. i decided where i want Gordie Johnson to sign it. hopefully.
my whole place smells like pinesol because i cleaned he floors last night.
one econ final, one paper left. staring them down like a poker bluff.
mick jagger lied, time is not on my side.
im going for dinner at the mob house tonight.

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