intention and impact

i am surrounded by articles for one term paper. i fully intend to have 1000 words done before i go home. the only problem is that i got to 242 and hit the wall. i have far more sources than i actually need, meaning i have a total wealth of information meaning i have every angle of this topic covered in any number of journal articles and all i can do at the moment is stare at them incomprehensibly and wonder what i should write.

i didnt really sleep a lot last night.
apparently i look like shit lately. thank you. i have noticed also.
whats today? tuesday? in the next two weeks i have two econ assignments, three term papers, an overnight assignment, a survey to interpret, too much reading and something i probably forgot.
perhaps i will get a hammer MADE OF WORDS and knock down this wall that will not let me WRITE ANY MORE WORDS! hah.

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