push ’em to the side

we had a lawyer guy come in for a guest lecturer today. on friday’s we have a four hour class. the usual attention span of people in the class lasts at most about 45 minutes before you can start to see everyone tune things out. and then someone says something funny enough to make you realize you were tuning out and laugh appropriately and then go back to tuning things out. tuning things out can take on various forms, you could work on something for a different class, some people watch F1 races, lots of folks facebook, or, you could stare at your Azureus file transfers and wonder why an 88 MB file of george thorogood is taking 15 hours and a 1.23GB file of all five seasons of red vs blue only takes an hour.

im at the point where i keep forgetting what day it is and thats ok because they’ve all sort of started to melt into each other so it’s like days dont even really exist you know? it’s like, we’re all just on some endless stretch of time that only seems like days because people sayyyyy so maaaaaan…deeeeeeeeeep.

oh right, i was going to go see 30 days of night tonight.

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