a healthy diet of advil, vitamin c and Uncle Bens

I’m tossing around two possibilities as to why my eyes are still itchy and my head still hurts. 1) some ignorant little fucking insect or arachnid bit me which would make sense given that there’s what looks like a mosquito bite on my right foot, and given the regularity of spider spawnings here it would make sense that they’re taking their revenge for the vacuum cleaner. 2) some allergy decided to dredge itself up from the deep dark backwaters of my immune system and decided “hey let’s fuck with him during the first week of class.”

oh, and as of next thursday i will again be unemployed because as of today my schedule decided to fill up with extended lectures, extra seminars and moving classes around. whatever, it’s a shitty job anyway.

this is the first time ive had a laptop for school. thus i am discovering the merits and not so merits of it. good thing: he who can wikipedia what the prof is talking about fastest looks the best. bad thing: he who fails to realize that the explanation to the profs next question is not the next sentence ends up going “uhhhhhh.” good thing: he who has laptop can look up microeconomics equations in class. bad thing: prof draws a lot of graphs when writing notes that are not the same as those online. good thing: you save on paper and ink. bad thing: you can’t use a highlighter on a screen. better thing: not having to wait for a free computer in the labs.

tomorrow is the first Issues class and i hope that we end up talking about a pending election and that someone brings up strategic voting cause i HATE STRATEGIC VOTING.

yesterday afternoon was Methods and our prof for that class is the youngest on the faculty and he was like “who wants to go to the Black Frog for a drink after?” so i think six of us went and it was sweet cause that place is like the hub of all Oiler activity in Vancouver. Dear regular season games, i will be finding a seat there after class probly.

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