beans beans the abusive fruit

apparently the simplest way to make danielle go mad with italianism is to eat a raw green bean.

in other news…went to see Queens of the Stoneage last night with Everett, Erin, Mike and Sarah and spent the whole time about five feet from the front bar getting crushed to death and it was AWESOME. and i sweated so much it’ll probably take me three days to reabsorb enough liquid to get back up to where i was pre concert.

i also did a little bit of moving things around in my room with the addition of another shelf, the removal of that shitty closet thing and the installation of a simple hanging bar which will not collapse because a metal bar bracketed into studs totally beats a twenty dollar ikea closet.

tomorrow north van. mayhaps another stop at the comic book store.
tuesday first day of classes. more free alcohol.

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