he never did like Sgt Pepper.

so apparently listening to the Beatles makes you irritable and angry.
a 16 year old who’s irritable and angry…really… that’s pretty much the most shocking thing I’ve ever heard of. maybe just as shocking as hearing that when you’re a teenager it’s hard to fit in and make people think you’re cool.
jesus no! say it ain’t so! quick! tell all the 12 year olds to go find god right now!

i think the best part is that it’s not just moral problems afflicting them, oh no, it’s virtue terrorists. that should make my Pinky and the Brain dvd’s like…the taliban or what?

the not so best part is where he says he goes and has no political agenda when he goes. um, you’re being sort of conditioned into having one regardless, so, how bout you fuck right off, realize that you’re 16, you will think life sucks for the better part of the next four years and deal with it you pussy. how about in two years when you can vote you see if you have no political biases because when you were twelve you decided you couldnt deal with the stress of making real friends?

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