subterfugeded once or thrice

so im sure most people have heard of the protests in Quebec for the SPP summit. well, ok, canadians yes. americans. yeah right.
guess how many major news sites in the US had any mention of it at all that was easily visible, of at all.
CNN? nope. New York Times? nope. FOxNews. ew. and nope. USA today? nada. Surely the Associated Press! nay.
what ho? not even a passing mention that their President is in the land of National Igloos, the twenty hour day and the traditional pelting of Caribou with timbits?
oh right. no. they don’t care or want to care about it because that would mean being directly involved in the democratic principle of debate, free speech and basic knowledge of the world around you, which i gather is a largely foreign concept in a lot of places down there.

who’s sad now Steve?

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