who uses three D batteries?

yesterday was a good day in the sense that i got to chill out with my dad and uncle on a nice day by the waterfront and eat good food, my dad brought me a MacBook because he rules and i am super duper thankful to him for that, and i got to go picture crazy with more geeks and nerds and internet type folk.

you know what the one blemish on the night was? you can’t play dibs alone. however, that was small fry compared to the meeting more people type thing that was going on.

in more or less alphabetical order of attendees who i did not forget the names of or already know or could find their blogs and if i didnt remember someone tell me ok thanks:

gay slave driver

i know for sure im missing people simply because that list is for sure not long enough.

also yesterday, i saw a woman waiting for the seabus who had camel toe in her ass. i shit you not. it was probably the most amazing thing ive seen in like…a week. or so.

also, i think that something still needs clarification from last night. if a lesbian has sex with a guy, does that make her bisexual or is she using him as a sex toy in place of hers cause the batteries died?

alrighty, im off to north van where they still have garbage collection.

mayhaps fireworks later.

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