a cup of cold poison

these are my pals. yesterday after i decided to kill my pals with lysol and tilex and rags in the shower i discovered that my pals had pretty much overrun the whole place. i then spent a while determining which household cleaning product under the sink would dispatch them the quickest. i settled on oven cleaner except you cant really spray that everywhere.
thus, i settled on the next best thing when i got home today:

Slayer and a vaccuum cleaner.

yes indeed, crank up the thrash and maniacally hunt them down in the corners and along the walls and in the cracks and suck them out with good old fashioned hoover capability. i dont have a hoover but that sounds cooler.

i dont really have anything against spiders, they dont scare me like they do apparently everyone at work, but i think it’s kind of rude of them to just settle in like a mexican workforce where everyone is cousins with the guy who’s brother is friends with the guy with the key. only in this case the chicks eat the guys after a fuckfest.

by the by, if you happen to find a house spider that you think is hugemungus, there’s a good chance that it’s actually two very large ones getting ready to make too many more of them like i found in two pairs.

also, lysol will only kill the smaller ones, i think it just maims the bigger ones but it doesnt kill them. you know, just for future reference.

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