two guys, a girl, and a fireplace from 1974

im pretty sure kids would make a fort out of this. i know i would.

sadly, his Jedi powers would not let him start a fire without wood…

the first thing they do is hand me a sharp thing.

if he were in prison he’d be doing this a lot.

cuired, or fried?

the requisite art shot

apparently she likes to take pictures of dirty assholes. and even dusty jeans too.

we dont need no stinkin surround sound!

rug muncher

three times the Pat, three times the fun!

belly dancing calms the dust.

he’d be a horrible game show contestant.

whatcho want foo?

three doors down. yes. i AM that clever.

where’s the best place for a pile of rusty nails? the doorway of course!

yet to be munched.

it’s not as bad as stepping in dog shit, but it’s about the same as stepping on wet cement.

see how close she is to the broom?

pff, there’s no such thing as too much me.

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