that tree is Rudolph only not at all

so vacations are pretty awesome because you can be soooooo lazy and it’s awesome and i’m probably going to have the worst watch tan in the world.
yesterday it was fun cause i was like OMG THE SUN STILL EXISTS!!! and that was pretty neat seeing as how it’s been nothing but cloud slash rain in vancouver for a while.
hahah so we go to the Good Mall and i was all H&M! and then we went and i didnt buy anything there. no, we went to Buffalo where my addiction was sated once again. And apparently mentioning to the girls that work in the stores who wear too much makeup and sweaters that dont fit that are pretty 1988 here that you live in Vancouver is pretty much good enough to make them cream their pants in two seconds. yeah, not kidding.
“These pants are going to rule in Vancouver.”
“Oh are you visiting there?”
“no i live there.”
“ooooohh…rr-rreally? thats hee hee pretty coooool, sooooo what are you doing in Barrie *hair twirl*
could it be that I have discovered a secret weapon here? like in the middle of a conversation just be like “I LIVE IN VANCOUVER!” and WHAM their defenses are fucking gone.
i bet i’ll try that and they’ll be like “we fucking hate hippies leave us alone.”
damn capitalist pig dogs.
and apparently i can be louder and flail more than portugese people. i guess that’s a good thing? maybe? sometimes?
this tastes like the cow got into an onion patch.

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