really, how could i not

alright, so. while i did have a whole other post lined up i now have something better that just begs to be put up. and really, how could i not.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, parrots and elephants, I present to you:

G-Talk From Korea, with special guest, The Drunk Italian…

ciavarro: you’re a fag

me: youre a korean bbq

ciavarro: you’re a fucking jew ass idiot bastard face

me: this isnt new information

ciavarro: you need help

me: also not new

ciavarro: you’re a skinny mother fuck

me: you’re in korea and the best you can come up with is sitting there telling me this?

ciavarro: I’m not sitting in Korea

I’m in norh burnaby


in my ro

dont tell anyone

els eI will gas chambar your ass




me: that must have been one fucked up korean bbq

ciavarro: ㄱㅎㄷ1쇼ㅕㅓㅛㄱㄱ






that ‘sbetter

me: dude you better watch out, Kim Jong Il is ronrey and he might come for you

ciavarro: Kim Jon is my bitch

lilke you

you guys gotta share

being my bitch

me: yeah we’ll work on that

ciavarro: you like finger 11 because that’s the number of digits you can fit in your ass

me: only cause it makes you jealous

ciavarro: pat

me: yes

that is me

ciavarro: who?



you’re gay

me: heard you brought your white shorts

ciavarro: you bou ghta muff diver for yourslef

you like being gay

I want to bone my girlfriend right now




you need to get wasted in Korea more often

ciavarro: DONE

whe nI’m in Jeju

I’m outta contact

so soak up this attention now

because you’ll be nic’in when i’m gone

me: i thought when you’re gone thats when the little jew babies come out

ciavarro: hahahahahhahaa,like y oucould ever get it up for a woman

me: i got it up for your mom

ciavarro: I said WOMAN. Fuck dude, read.

me: dude you just called your mom a guy

i knew it

ciavarro: dude, have you met my mom?

me: the best part of you ran down the crack of your momma’s ass and ended up as a brown stain on the matress

ciavarro: sure did.

fuc kyou

me: something to be proud of

ciavarro: pat

buy me beer

an dleave it inmy fridge

for when I get home

I will reapay you with attention

for 20 minutes

me: wow im overwhelmed by your generousity

ciavarro: deal

i’m out

later hoe

me: later

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