painted grey and blurry i am

the little ceasars DSS was back it today only this time he was making ax motions with the sign and yelling at the bus. and by DSS i mean Down Syndrom Superstar. cruel yes. fitting? fuck you i work in a cubicle all day where my brain rots, i can fit whatever i want.
i had booger jelly beans today. actually they were pear. but nice try. and on several occasions i was sitting talking to someone and someone else walks by and leans over to talk to me and in the back of my head the sixth graders from south park are all yelling BEEEEEEWBS!!! and then elastics are shot around like WHAM BANG POW ZING! Holy processed natural rubber Batman!
i almost choked on a pea.
there was a lady at the bus stop srinking milk from a jug and somehow that seemed philisophically linked to the meaning of life or more to the point what happens when you milk a cow and make it comercially available.

this is elvis the leopard and he sits in the chair.
he watched scrubs with me and we laughed.

if i had a death wish i wouldnt have in the past jumped from a moving vehicle with a loaded shotgun no joke. therefore one can safely or unsafely assume that in this statement we can see that any lapse in judgement was well in the company of of older gents and secondly if i didnt die then that’s probably a fluke.
does the fact that dolphins are the only other species on earth that have sex for pleasure mean that they’re all immoral in the eyes of christians?
they’ll drift and go and take their chances all right. there they are alive on the moon.
at work they base your monthly performance by randomly selecting ten policies you did and see how fucked up they are. it’s totallyrandom. so if you have a shitty fucking week and they take them all from there but the rest of the month you did A++ squeaky fucking clean you’re fucked. lame tastic.
a day after i was listening to music on Pandora they firewalled it. so i watched live streaming CPAC feeds all day. question period was not too bad. they stuck Jack with a good one and i was like OOOOOOO JACKIE WHATCHA GONNA DO NOW YA BEAVER TOOTHED GUY?
right, and if you ever miss an episode of Trailer Park Boys that’s ok cause i found a replacement who sounds just like Ricky when he tires to read a speech.

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