even better with parachutes

i faced two options of which direction to go after work today.

to the LEFT… or …to the RIGHT

well actually there wasnt really any choice but to go left because left meant getting to Brentwood faster which meant of course that i would have in my hands year zero that much faster.
everyone else fucked off to go home and watch the canucks game….which i see is still scoreless after two. i feel i made the wiser choice.
chalk up another point for “Why I Can Never Become a Tried and True Diehard Canucks Fan Forever”. if it was the Oilers i would have at least waited until between periods, ran like fuck, bought it and made it back in time to catch the next period. or til the game was over. probly that.
i have a plan. not to take over the world. yet. bt i have a plan for something that i am planning and i will see how it goes and if it goes well you may hear about it. if not, HEY LOOK OVER THERE A DISTRACTION!!!

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