i was in the cybercubicle next to Zaphod

so i didnt make soup. instead i was told to drag my ass out of my house for food. so i did.
and then there was a click. clicks are strange. clicks happen sometimes. clicks are like switches. clicks dont make everything disappear but they can suddenly make you realize something.
we went to earls. we had to leave a name, and standing at the host greeting thing where one usually puts one’s name so that one can wait in the waiting area until one’s name is read off the list so that one may go and eat, and of coursesince at this point my brain is still being ruled by dizzying self pity im not really paying attention. so then i look up.
wait…who’s she smiling at? quick look down and then look up again. wait what? me? aren’t i supposed to be all fucking ‘doom doom doom blah blah fucking sad sack?’ SMILE BACK YOU FOOL! smile back. smile returned.
Hey self, this is your post click self.
Oh hey, how’s it going?
Not too bad, you?
Listen, you just saw that right?
Yeah i did.
Ok. Now stop being stupid.
Oh yeah?
Yeah. And to help you out, here’s a neat feeling called self appreciation, so stick that in your paranoid self pitying pipe and smoke it.
Oh ok. Neat.
Exactly. You feel better?
Actually, yeah i do.
Good, now go bitch about how stupid basketball is.

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