a fartin man’s a man to hire, a fartin man will never tire

i found a restaurant i want to buy and own and live in courtesy of vicki who i went to have sushi lunch with with her and sasha yesterday for birthday lunch and it was fucking good.
and then there was chill winston-ness followed by Blarney-ness with Danielle and Chad and Dario and Jeremy with a surprise apperance by carmen who’s birthday was on the 1st.
drinking and dancing and yelling oh my. and a lot of “LOOK AT HER TITS THEY ARE THE BIGGEST TITS IN THE WHOLE PLACE RIGHT THERE ON THAT BLONDE GIRL LOOK AT HER BIG TITS” yes chad. good to know you can use your words.
robyn couldnt make it cause she was sick and that sucked. we texted her to tell her we missed her fun and her cleavage.
there was an Amazon girl there who towered over everyone and even if she was an Amazon she was still wearing like 6 inch heels so she was pretty much an Amazonian astronaut.
apparently i get overexhuberant about jumping around next to the edge of a balcony and must be pushed back a lot.
marnie phoned to say i was 23 for two minutes and that was cool.
is it quite possible that Dario looks bashful in that picture with the girl in the pink? i think so.
i also decided to find out what happens when a lone white guy who’s quite happily not sober goes on to the floor and dances all alone. pretty much what happens is that you have a lone white guy who’s quite happily not sober dancing all alone surrounded by lots of other people who aren’t a lone white guy. oh well.
i also got a whole video of us drunkenly singing Bohemian Rhapsody however until i can shave off 70megs you cant see it.
also if you go to the blarney and stand up on the balcony inevitably people look up and scream at you and you scream back or they whip out their cameras and then send one of their friends running up to say “MY FRIEND IS GOING TO TAKE YOUR PICTURE!!” so you turn around and they do.
so this asian girl runs up the stairs to say that and then shes like WHY ARENT YOU DANCING??? and im like ummmmmm and shes like COME ON! and then she looks over my shoulder and looks at Dario and theyre all done i know you? hah irony. or not. whatever. so then her friend taking pictures from down below comes running up and takes more pictures and then we go down to the floor and they play more songs and i sing along and the last song they play is New York New York and Asian girl who’s name i now know is Michelle is all “OMG you know the words to like every song ever!” and theres more picture taking and then the bar closes and we leave.
and then i was like “hey guys, im totally going to be that random dude from the bar in all that girl’s pictures.”
and then at the busstop some people had jesus under a coat and a guy with no teeth kicked him.
but that was after some dude offered us a deal on crack pipes.
i fuckin love downtown hahahaha.

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