my thoughts take me downtown

the most exciting part of my day today was waking up to Tool and then right after that New Orleans is Sinking.
my job is severely boring and boring me severely. i dont get how people can do that for years in a row and not turn into some kind of soulless processing zombie that can only speak in coding words and walking around rating everyone on their insurance risks.
i think it’s odd that i really have no reason to stress about anything at all but i feel stressed cause i dont want to get caught in a shitty quandry of nothing in particular cause nothings in particulums and their resultant slack jawed occurances of lack.
on my way to work this morning my brain went “oh jeez, i dont like the whole carrying an umbrella to work thing cause it’s kind of dumb.”
and then i looked down the street and there was a line of umbrella’d people stretching down the street and i thought that would be a nezt picture and then i wondered how many people in new york have umbrellas with extra long handles so they can hold them up over all the other ones so they dont smack into each other eventually resulting in an unending wall of umbrellas exending up up and away.
when it wasnt think about umbrellas, my brain was thinking the following “dear Life, i dont ask much of you and i’ve put up with lots of your shit for a long time so how about you give me something back for once in a while that isnt you just dangling something in front of me and then pulling it back and going PSYCH! cause we both have to live with each other and it’s all about compromise and since you’re life i bet you can probably work something out.”
i wonder if i could get away with saying i have a phoboa of cubicles and could therefore never ever have a job where it’s required to spend more than a few seconds sitting in one…

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