is that his hair?

so now that there’s no Buffalo store on Robson i really dont feel the spending money vibe down there anymore. ok, well thats not entirely true, but i did manage not to buy anything today even though i kept telling myself ‘goddamn, how can you not be finding anything???” well, k i did except im not dropping 500$ on a jacket…yet…maybe…probly not.
tonight we’re going for dinner at cardero’s and im going to have the tuna because im not paying for it.
so shallow eh?
so im at my aunt and uncles for the weekend and its sort of odd having people around. cause usally i wake up turn on my computer and be lazy. here there are people. and food. and two tvs. and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.
which i’ll most likely end up playing tonight after dinner. or go see ghost rider.
or i might buy a ps2. i dunno. im indecisive this weekend.
also, bring in a house with people means having other people constantly look over your shoulder.
isn’t it amazing what you can accomplish when you dont let ambition get in your way.
so yeah. luu luu skip with your luu? yes i want an apple pie with that.

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