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so i settled on taking my Jason Smith figure to work. i think i might actually take both of the other ones too. AND YES I CAN PROUDLY DISPLAY THEM IN AN OFFICE IN VANCOUVER BECAUSE SHUT UP 1994 HOW MANY FUCKING STANLEY CUPS DO YOU HAVE UNDER YOUR BELT???
so im not excited about becoming a yuppy. i just look forward to being able to purchase those expensive jeans when i feel like it.
ive been soaking that tin for two days in the hope that what remains of the burnt muffin fiasco might dissolve, but it has resolve (rhyme tyme) and wont go so i might just have to bust out the SOS pad but im hesistant to do that cause they might scratch off the nonstick coating on my pan and fuck that cause it’s like restaurant quality pan so fuck that. yeah thats right, im fucking dead serious about my muffin tin quality.

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