it’s like ass gravity

im so fucking tired… i think im getting sick i have that im getting sick taste in the back of my throat. we watched the oilers canucks game last night and it ended improperly. and by we i mean me and danielle and chad and robyn and dario and dario’s friend brodie who thinks i’m completely fucked up i bet. she also had the most expensive phone in the entire room.
so what did we learn last night?
– it’s really easy to win trips to florida that are scams.
– apparently cougars get younger every year.
– people who dont eat only eat if you arent watching. like when scientologists shoot lasers out of their eyes but only if youre not watching.
– singing Mack the Knife causes water to spill
– leather couches increase gravity around asses
– timmy’s in the well
– pizza should never take an hour to get there
– there is a beer called Thirsty Beaver

ummmmmmmm yeah. cambie next week.

i moved into my Cubic today.

i thiiiiiiiiink that i’ll take a nap. aaaaaaaand yeah.

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