i bet you made perogies when i went to bed last night

to bending knees and broken veins.
i think that you can see the true merit of someone if you pose a problem and they help you find a solution without question. and then work around it and find the silver lining that you might not have seen at first.
ive always been able to give people good advice about their problems, but ive never really been able to follow my own advice. i keep telling myself i should and i think im getting better about it, but it always helps to have someone remind you why you should. life doesnt like to stay static, and theres really no point in getting really upset about it being dynamic as much as it might annoy you at first.
and on a good day my mind is like the country, green, wide open, a breath of zen that’s nice on the eyes.
i think that if youre lucky enough to know people who understand you and help you out and support you, when life threatens to drop a wrench into things, you could try and fight it, or you could stand back, shrug your shoulders and say fuck it and see what happens. sometimes when sparks fly it’s like watching fireworks.
in about two weeks im going to know if the wrench will drop or not. im standing off to the side and can smile about it now.

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