standing still and moving forwards

so it’s 2007. how many people do you know made resolutions? personally, i dont think i know anyone who had one. people probly did but i didnt hear them. i dont think new years resolutions have any point to them. how often do you think someone actually goes through with it? i dont think ive ever come up with one actually. seriously, whats the point of giving yourself one supreme goal for the year that probably wont even end up getting done at all?
three hundred and sixty five days is a long time for life to decide that it’ll drop a few random events in to your life that’ll absolutely make you stop and take a look around and change the direction youre going in. which i have had many of.
i think that people who plan out their entire year and leave no room for outside influence or spontaneity and think they live a good life are nuts. people who enter a new year thinking that overnight everything is going to drastically change for the better or the worse or whatever are also nuts. in vegas i had like a thirty second conversation with some random russian lady who asked what i had my degree in and then paused and then said that 2007 would be a good year. key being year. progression. day by day doing a little bit to work your way somewhere.
i had to go buy stamps and envelopes today cause i had to apply for BC health care. i was listening to Kenny Wayne Shepherd and some girl stops me and is like “do you like music?” and before i can do the whole “uh…im listening to it so yes…” she goes “oh thats a dumb question youre listening to it. here, we’re handing out books about meditation to people who like music.” so i kept it cause John Lennon and George Harrison were on the cover. Chant and be Happy is the title. i might read it. i had a dream the other night where part of it was me meditating about something. breath in. palms close. breath out. palms open.
some people get really happy on new years, some people get really sad. i get introspective.
im actually looking forward to getting a job now. at least i’ll have something to keep me busy.
lalalalala. tomorrow im going to apply for more jobs. exciting.
big question we came up with last night:
if you put pee through a brita, will it still taste like pee?

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