one great city

so we got back to the house at like 5:30 am. and then i went to sleep and i got up at noon and then i threw all my close in the laundry and then realized that would leave me without clothes, so i febreezed the shit out of a pair of jeans.
ok, so im not posting any pictures just yet cause this computer sucks nuts for that so i’ll wait til tomorrow when i get back to vancouver and can take like an hour to write up a decent post outlining everything that happened WHILE I WAS IN VEGAS ALL WEEK.
so yeah, be patient or else empty meaningless threats of not posting.
plus the family is running around asking for shit to be done so i dont really have tim anyway.
but i did meet a sideshow performer girl on the plane last night whod never been to canada and she was going up to edmonton to hang out with sideshow friends and swallow swords. randomly cool shit no doubt.

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