no! that colour is normal!

i had a dream last night that i was back in my elementary school with all the old OLPHies but we were all our age now, but we were all in our desks in Mr. D’s social 8 class and we were talking about something and i was doodling and all of a sudden he’s like Pat go to the office right now and i was all why and he’s like for disrupting the class and i wanted to know what i was doing and he said labour work and i refused to go until he explained himself and he wouldnt so i just stodd there and we got into a yelling match til he told me that i had some form of ADD and needed to go to the office to phone some clinic so i could be tested some one of three versions of ADD so i went and wasnt happy about it and i guess there were two offices cause i went into one and tried the phone and water came out of it, so then i went into the next office and the secretaries were there adn they felt bad for me and the principals office was empty and i had to go into a room and fill out some paper work and everyone left but i was stuck in the office all alone filling out this yellow paper that said i had something like GVNC or GNVC or something that meant i was twitchy and crazy.
ive had lucid dreams since i was a kid, but it doesnt mean i always necesarily like them. in fact sometimes they get so incredibly fucked up i wake myself up from them. but then theres those ones where you just caught up in them and cant. like you still realize that youre dreaming and you can act out in some way, but cant wake up.
i used to have the dreams where i flew around places and when they ended i could look down and see myself in me bed and then it was like gravity turned on ten times stronger and slammed back down and on a few occaisions actually bounced. fucked. up. i dont have those ones anymore. which sucks cause i didnt mind those ones.
i went to the gathering at vicki and justin’s last night cause i figured it’d be more fun than sitting here playing quake all night. and it was. apparently tim and i should be a comedy duo and just sit on stage and talk about random shit.
i think the best part was when everett and corey and dustin and i were spread out in a corner talking politics while everyone else talked about food and i was all “hey guys, look, we’re THOSE guys.” actually ok, that maybe wasnt THE best part but definitely a highlight.
im trying to think of what i should put on my mp3 player for the Vegas trip. thoughts?

also, it’s fil’s birthday and he spills things now. go say happy birthday.

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