are you insane? no, im a pirate.

i really should be asleep but whatever. i went and had an essay bound today and put another one in a binder. that leaves one more to bind. not staple. bind.
rode the bus for a long time to the airport and watched the new segments of the RAV line being put up and wondered what kind of difference it will make. but hopefully by then i’ll have made my fortune and will have people to drive me places.
marnie and i watched people who were too lazy to use their own legs to walk use a moving sidewalk to do the work for them. i went to the aeroportage early to say hi because im cool like that. im also jealous of her new camera beause mine is still making death noises. and then the greensickle lefted and the mom unit arriveded. and then there was Red Robinage. and then there was tv watching with everett and then walking back here to go to sleep only to end up posting.
ive had several people ask me “so now that youre done, now what?” and really, i still dont know. im moving stuff into the new place tomorrow…today….later.
really, for the last 4.5 years my profs have been saying “university prepares you for the professional world!” and like most people im all too eager to agree without stopping to wonder if it’s really all that true. sure we learn professional skills, but four and a half years later im not faced with some kind of manual that says “NOW WHAT? So youve finished and want to move on.” thusfar the response from the professional world outside the place has been tepid. im sory but didnt you just spend years of my life and lots of my money telling me otherwise? it’s an odd feeling. im a winter grad, so i dont really know anyone else who’s finished now as opposed to in may. there’s no great big group of people im going to go have a beer with tomorrow and we all sit there and drunkenly ponder what to do next. nope, i get to do that all one my lonesome.
people also aked me if it still feels like i’ll be going back after christmas or not. i guess since im so deadset on getting in to grad school i have to say no, i still feel like im not done.

my grandpa has congestive..?…congenial?…one of those medical words…heart and kidney failure. it’s not cool playing this waiting game.

on a happier note. while on my way to everett’s i had on skate shoes and was sliding around on the ground and thinking “weeeeeeeeee!!! im the tractionless wonder!!!” and when i thought that as i neared the cornerstone building i promptly ate shit. and then i sat there and had a huge grin and thought it was the greatest thing to happen all day. i dont know why. some part of my brain wants to say “CAUSE IT PUTS EVERYTHING IN PERSPECTIVE DUMBASS!!!” and then i ask it to explain and it just ignores me.

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