more like spaghetTINY

ive been talking with grace about the Liberal leadership and who we think should win. we both agree. good. also, someone on their facebook wrote a note saying that the Harper government has provded Canada with an honest and accountable government.
lalalalala let’s bust out all the reasons why this statement is shot to pieces:

ethics complaints here and here

failing to include all government officials in the Anti Corruption C-25 Bill

break accountability promises

unethical relationships with corporate lobbyists

broken election promises also reported here

closing support centers for women

illegal fundraising accusations

creating useless environmental legislation and refusal to cooperate with international environment treaties

failing to provide an apology to Maher Arar

confusing what a nation is

and all this with a minority. aren’t these just the best examples of accountability and honesty you’ve ever seen? and don’t you worry, if there’s ever a Harper majority, you’ll see plenty more of these wonderful little benefits he’s given us!

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