here take this, it’s only tear gas

ive taken to watching James Bond movies in my spare time. right now im watching From Russia With Love. a lot of people think this is the best bond film, but i have to disagree and cast my vote for thunderball.
opinions? best bond film?

it totally snowed here this morning and it was awesome. i felt like i was at the north pole on it wasnt that cold and not on a polar ice cap that was melting and causing sea levels to rise.
i also bought a bunch of granville island winter ale but i cant drink it yet cause i have to wait til Band of Brothers is on.

my camera is going through its death throes. so i went and looked at a lumix today. its way smaller than i thought it was, and when i can afford the 500$ price i’ll probly end up getting one. i wouldnt mind a nikon d70 but the lumix is way more practical.

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