after years of waiting

so after a marathon writing session today i finished my sociology paper about blogging. it’s 30 pages long. now knock off say 7 pages for appendices and title sections and youre down to about 23 pages of actual text. whatever, this essay looks spec fucking tacular. and really, if i onyl get like a B on it, who cares, ive gotten A on every other assignment, and its only worth 30% so it cant like gimp my mark that bad.

two projects down, one to go.

meg and i went and gave our damage deposit to our new landlord and signed out rental agreement today. sweet shit i have a place to fall alseep in! we will decorate with fury!

i found this new coke drink. it’s like coke’s version of red bull i guess, except its more like coke coffee. i say this because it has coffee extract in it, and it pretty much tastes exactly what i thought putting coke in coffee would taste like, which isnt half bad actually.

fuck you know what, now that ive written that paper i dont think i’ll be able to post anything for a while without like self analysing everything. goddamn academics. it ruined my movie watching for a while too when i was learning visual theory stuff like Gaze theory and post modernist approaches to media interpretation and Barthes and signs and signifiers. dont get me wrong, i heart Barthes writing about signifying objects or text as much as the next comm geek, but when youre learning it and go to a movie youre inner geek wont shut about “oh you enjoy this because blah blah fuckity blah.”

youd think after finishing 30 pages id want to jump around…nope…must be because i had a radiohead song on repeat the whole time.

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