but wheres the deathstar? i want the deathstar!

today i had a good day.
today i had a turkey and cheese sandwhich for breakfast with a Columbian Dark Roast and Medium Jave mix to wash it down.
today everett and i took the skytrain to the VCC-Clark stop and made fun of community college kids.
then we took the 84 to granville and walked around looking to hand out resumés. we didnt manage to hand out that many but whatever.
today we gave our resumes to the Granville Island brewery.
today we killed lamb chops with a crocodile and said something abotu steve irwin.
today we met a crazy game technician who was fixing one of those impossible to win the PSP as the ultimate prize game who had gross teeth.
today we saw hairy old lay ass crack in the granville market and laughed.
today i gave my resume to some random toy store in the granville kids market cause honestly youd get to be surrounded by toys all day.
today we remembered just how lame Brentwood Town Center is.
today we decided American Eagle can go fuck itself.
today i started to figure out how to take field notes on blogs.
today i made tasty pasta.
today i dressed up in the best costume ever it was my oilers jersey and 1990 cup champ shirt because the canucks lost tonight and i dressed up as the division rival.
today i watched the canucks lose.
today i got to sit on danielle’s couch and watch chad be emo that the canucks lost.
today i got asked an uber montage of mom like questions from danielle’s mom but that was ok cause her mom is pretty cool.
today i got to have chocolate cake cause it was danielle’s mom’s birthday.
today i got to sit in a house and for the first time in a long time feel totally comfortable about not being in my own house.
today i got to see hoardes of kids running around in costume because it isnt minus 30 on halloween here and it made me want to watch Ernest Scared Stupid.
today i feel like things are back under control.
today i had a good day.

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