i like finger

ok, this is the ~post-i-got-my-bag-back-and-am-less-full-of-rage~ version…

pat’s feet took pat on a trip.

they took him to a bus.

his feet rested on the bus.

and chilliwack smells like poop.

then the bus took him to merrit where he had two dollars and bought a brownie.

then it took him to kelowna.

the pat got to visit marnie, cause he’s cool like that and she’s also cool like that, and her crazy friends like liam the Vinyl Collector Man and T Ash all weekend and have lots of crazy fun like sitting on mountains and seeing the city and seeing stars on the highway and seeing parks and making fun of seagulls and watching girls get drunk and talk about how they want to be a lesbian and eating grapes and chocolate covered almonds and listen to crazy nighthawks and take cab rides with drivers who look like Mr. Big from Sex and the City, and get into bender parties for free because Mike said so, and going to Yuk Yuk’s and seeing comedians who look like Bubbles say he isnt Bubbles, and hear scandals abound and see rez rooms that look like condos downtown, and play ive never and hear lots of funny stories, and make fun of the Little Ceasar’s sign guy, and listen to Matt Good, and eat pie, and watch Kenny vs Spenny, and skip and tra la la, and make funny noises, and smiles all around.

it was good times. good times indeedly.

and then today the bus brought pat back to vancouver.

except greyhound is a fucknig douche and lost pats bag but now he has them back.

pat had to change busses in chilliwack for some reason. it didnt smell a lot like poop today.

and there were two old ladies behind him talking in high pitched old lady voices.

and an old harrumphy lady in front of him.

and there were two guys on the highway trying to put out a fire with a golf club.

and that is my story.

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