this is getting repetitive

as long as im on this mad post like a lot in a short while today type thing…
Career Days is on up here. there’s a booth for CSIS. you know, the FBI wannabes of canada.
or the CIA’s special ed cousin.
whatever they are.
anyway, i went over to ask what it takes to be a spy.
so i didnt so much ask it cause they had this paper on the table with info on it. so i read it.
so then i asked “what does the stringent selection and training process entail?”
in not so many words as he used…
they pretty much question the shit out of everyone who knows you, criminal background checks, they polygraph the shit out of you and others, test you for blackmail(how do you test someone for this?), and other secret spy like stuff.
and it takes three of four months.
and im thinking “k, well, i could do that.”
and then the dude is like “and you have to be drug free.”
im sorry, i just heard the record scratch to a halt.
what? no munchies?
fuck that.
im not gonna be a spy now.

i should really go outside or something now.

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