he sang folk music you dumbass

so a bunch of us watched a guy get arrested last night at 2am while we were all sitting on my front step trading swear words of various languages. a bunch of campus security cars showed up down in the lower parking lot and sat there and we figured they were watching us cause it was past quiet hours and we were outside talking and had the door open so we could hear the stereo and had open alcohol.
no dice.
and then the cops showed up.
and we thought the same thing.
no deuce.
and then we watched them haul a guy out of a car, put his in a full nelson, slap the cuffs on him, stuff him in a cop car and fuck off.
and, as drunk people are oft seen doing, a member of our group haphazzardly wandered down to find out what was going on while we all yelled at him to get his as back up here.
so he comes back up and thinks its a rape charge.
and we’re all “woah.”
and then we’re all back to “so what does SCHNEL!” mean?”
and i learned that if youre ever in a group of Norweigans and they start talking in norweigan and you have no idea what theyre saying you yell “Ya Skole!!” or something like that and they ALL stop talking and all yell “YA SKOLE!!!!” and then chug their drink.
i dont even have roommates that are foreign this year, but somehow our place and two doors over are where a lot of people end up coming and sitting outside. so now i have new norweigan friends, british friends, irish friends, yadda yadda.
one of the norweigans also left his shades on the table, so when i went down for breakfast they were sitting there.
i cant really remember any of the norweigan swear words cause when they talk it sounds like…i dunno…poofy? its a fucking cool language cause its so weird but seriously its all like “dude wtf? you sounded like a Ferby!” hahaha i kid i kid.
oh, and i asked elle the british girl the question ive been wanting to ask a brit for like a year.
so, you know how here when we put new turf on a field it’s called sod? sod equals new grass yes?
but in britain sod is like a weak swear word. so i wanted to know what they call our sod if our sod isnt what their sod is.
yeah. returf.
not resod. i resodded a field this summer. i suggested that if someone in britain was being retarded you could call them a resod.
and then some swedish chick ran by with like an 6 foot tall stuffed bulldog on her back looking like it was humping the fuck out of her yelling “he really needs to poop!!”
i shit you not.

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