he did it on the greenest day of the year

so we watched a documentary called “Control Room” in my propaganda class today. it was all about the Al Jazeera news network during the initial invasion of Iraq and how the American administration basically positioned them as being pro Saddam and full of lies and propaganda while the US media only showed the truth.
while i cant argue with the fact that this documentary was itself framed in such a way to make the US look like the greater evil, i was watching and shaking my head in disgust a lot, and watching my prof watching me shake my head a lot.
i have a meeting with her a 3, so i wonder if she’ll bring that up.
this was the first time since 2003 that i saw Fuckwit Bush do his little “Saddam has 48 hours to get out or we’ll bomb the shit out of him” speech and it has to no small extent enraged me all over again.
it was so weird because i was sitting in class thinking “i know everyone in here has seen this when it happened, but i know im the only person in this class to have seen it happen while sitting at the Page desk in Gov Lobby.”
i was supposed to go out with Ash and people from our floor that night.
i phoned ash after the speech and the first thing she said was “youre not going to be able to make it are you?”
i got pissed off that this turn of events had happened, so i went to Darcy’s anyway to have a beer and cheer the end of the world. Rajotte and Jaffer showed up. i toasted the end of the world to them.


tonight is RHCP!!!!!!

ARE ACH SEE PEE!!!!!!!!!!!

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