paper doesnt exist anymore

i made some pictures.
as i was walking back from the bus stop after i got back up here after class it occured to me that i remembered that someone had written a while ago that if you have more free time and sit in front of a computer a lot you blog more.
whats this…three times today?
one of the topics i could do for my propaganda class is the rise of blogging. but thats if i dont do the grad model paper. i thought about doing it anyway, but i think id have way to much personal bias and really, im not sure i want to do ressearch on something that quite frankly has had a large impact on my social life. that sounds funny. blog and social life.
im pretty sure its safe to say that the majority of people who dont blog would think that the people who do ascribe to the social stereotypes of goofs and shut ins who have nothing better to do than sit at a desk all day and stare at a monitor.
i only have two days of class a week so thats maybe not so far from the truth….hahaha.
but then consider things like the pub night on saturday and the east coast blogger dodgeball party. the emergence of real life social phenomenon as a result of a virtual social relations. which itself could be disputed in some ways as being virtual in the blogosphere since it begins to enter the realm of reality for the people engaged in it. it isnt a virtual world in the sense that WOW is. WOW is a virtual social phenomenon because the entirety of its existence is played out in an online arena. Character interactions are physically modelled in the online environment, exchanges are made online, and communications are made online. thus enters the argument i made in my sociology class in the spring that blogs are an extension of the real life of the people who write them.

fuck i totally just lost my train of thought.

goddamn it.

i was on a roll too.

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